7 Popular Greek Mediterranean Appetizers in SE Portland

Posted by Aybla Grill Greek Mediterranean Food on Monday, October 22, 2018

Aybla Grill_7 Popular Greek Mediterranean Appetizers in SE Portland

If you are looking for a quick bite in SE Portland, look no further than the Greek Mediterranean Appetizer Menu at Aybla Grill. Everybody knows that Greek Mediterranean dishes are the heathiest, the same is true for the snacks. 

Greek Mediterranean restaurants are known for having a larger appetizer selection than other restaurants. At Aybla Grill, you can choose from seven appetizers. You can upgrade any appetizer by adding lamb or chicken.

  1. Hummus Plate
    Hummus has been around so long its origins are lost to antiquity. This low-fat, high-protein Middle Eastern snack is becoming so popular in the US that tobacco farmers are trading their crops in to grow chic peas.
  2. Baba Ganouj
    Another dipping delight, just like hummus. It is made with eggplant and the direct translation of the name is “spoiled father” because it was considered such a delicacy.
  3. Tzatziki
    Six perfectly seasoned cakes of pureed chickpeas, garlic and fresh herbs, fried golden brown and served on a schmear of hummus and topped with house made tahini sauce.
  4. Veggie Mezza
    This is the perfect item if you want to try a bit of everything. Aybla falafels, hummus, baba ganouj, dolmades, and Greek salad, served with warm pita.
  5. Saganaki
    Three words: Breaded. Fried. Cheese. This dish has texture and creaminess and is served with lemon to add that perfect amount of acidity. It is a hidden secret that most Greeks look for when deciding on appetizers.
  6. Dolmades
    Not all dolmades are the same. There is an art to keeping the stuffed rice and herbs inside the wrapped grape leaves moist—but not soggy. If you have had stuffed grape leaves before, you will want to taste Aybla’s version and compare.
  7. Aybla Fries
    An Aybla Grill exclusive. If you are with friends who aren’t into adventuring too much into Mediterranean cuisine—this is the perfect compromise. Who doesn’t love fries? Hand-cut potatoes, tossed with garlic, feta, parmesan, salt & pepper. This could be the gateway food that turns your friend into a Greek cuisine lover.

Remember, if you want more than an appetizer you can always add lamb or chicken. Not a meat eater? We even have vegan options! Check out Aybla’s full Greek Mediterranean menu.

Aybla Grill has recently opened a new Greek Mediterranean restaurant in Portland. Not only do we offer some of the best Greek food, (we were voted Number 1 Gyro in Portland) but we are also one of the few halal restaurants in the city. Please check out our food carts and call 971-328-2041 for catering.


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