Greek And Mediterranean Catering For Your Corporate Event

Posted by Aybla Grill Greek Mediterranean Food on Monday, September 30, 2019

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Aybla Grill Offers The Best In Greek And Mediterranean Flavors In Portland

When you’re craving Greek and Mediterranean flavors in Portland, Aybla Grill is the place to be! We weren’t voted #1 gyro in Portland for nothing, after all! We have a variety of options on our menu for everyone, including our customers with dietary restrictions. We offer gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options – as well as halal foods!

Catering For Your Corporate Event

Aybla Grill is also known for our excellent catering services – for weddings, parties, and more! As the year rolls steadily on towards the end, though, we find ourselves catering fewer weddings and more corporate events! Whether your business is holding a special event for employees, a festival to invite community support, or a celebration for your investors, Aybla Grill is an excellent choice for catering your corporate event! As we’ve mentioned before, Aybla Grill’s menu caters to all dietary needs. When you consider catering, especially for big events, it is important to keep the dietary needs of your guests in mind. That’s why you should choose a catering service that already services gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and halal options!

Menu Options For Catering

Aybla Grill offers a variety of menu options for catering your corporate event. You choose the option that is best suited for your event! We can serve your guests from our mobile food truck, offer buffet-style catering, or even let you choose from trays that serve up to 10 guests each. Aybla Grill truly caters to our client’s needs when it comes to event catering! Don’t miss out on Aybla Grill’s amazing catering services for corporate events!

The Best Choice For Catering Corporate Events

Aybla offers some of the best Greek food in the Portland area, and we can bring our delicious dishes to you on your special day. For our catering services, we prefer one-week advanced notice. If that is not possible, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

If you’re considering us for our outstanding catering services, contact us today or email at You can also call Chef Saied at 503-490-3387 or our Catering Coordinator, 971-328-2041. Let Aybla Grill bring you all the best in gyros, hummus, falafels, Greek salad, and so much more!

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