Gyro $7
Grilled lamb shwarama or fresh chicken served in a Greek pita w/ tzatziki, onion, parsley& tomato….add feta cheese $0.50 or small salad for $3.00

Super Gyro $9
Lamb shwarama or chicken. Bigger size pita & more meat than regular Gyro, plus Greek feta cheese.

Kafta Kabob $7
Grilled skewers of ground beef served in pita w/ lettuce, parsley, onion & tomato. Your choice of tzatziki or tahini sauce.

Super Kafta $9
Larger portion of grilled skewers of ground beef served in large pita w/ lettuce, parsley, onion & tomato and feta cheese. Your choice of tzatziki or tahini sauce.

Mediterranean Plate $9
Grilled Chicken, Lamb or Kafta Kabob served over Syrian rice (uniquely flavored w/ roasted wheat berries), w/ tzatziki, parsley & tomato served w/ pita bread.

Falafel Sandwich $7
Ground beans mixed with onion, coriander, parsley, and spices, quickly deep-fried and wrapped in a pita w hummus, tahini sauce, lettuce, and tomato. (GF)

Super Falafel $9
Bigger pita with more falafel, hummus, tahini sauce, lettuce, feta & tomato (GF)…. add lamb or chicken for $2.00

Gyro Combo $10
Grill Chicken, Lamb Gyro or Falafel Sandwich, Aybla Fries and Soda

Gyro Fries Combo $10
Fries with Chicken or Lamb topped with Tzatziki, Feta, Parmesan Herbs, Garlic Sauce


Veggie Mezza Plate $8
Homemade falafel, hummus, Greek salad, dolmades & baba ghanouj w/ pita bread (V-w/vegan pita requested)….add chicken or lamb for $3.00

Hummus plate $6
Garbanzo beans, mashed w/ garlic, fresh lemon juice, & tahini sauce, served w/ pita. (V)

Baba Ganouj plate $6
Grilled eggplant blended w/ garlic, lemon juice, mixed herbs & tahini sauce. (V)

Tzatziki $5
Authentic Greek sauce w/ yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, cucumber & crushed garlic. (special recipe from the island of Crete)

Dolmades $6
Vegetarian: grape leaves stuffed w/ rice and herbs, served cold w/ tzatziki sauce. 6 Pcs. (V, GF)


Greek Salad $6 ($4/small)
Romaine lettuce, tomato, onion, red pepper, Greek feta cheese, kalamata olives & homemade Dijon vinaigrette. Add falafel $3.00 (V w/o feta, GF). Add grilled chicken breast (GF) or lamb shawarma $4.00.


Soda Pop & Water
Pepsi and Coke products $1.5
Vitamin Water, Italian Sodas, etc. $2.00

Bottled Coke, Bottled Fanta, Vimto Soft Drink $2.50

Homemade Authentic Pistachio Baklava $2
Fifty Piece Trays for events $70


Extra falafel ball (V,GF) $1

Side of Rice $3

Extra Pita $1

Side of Tzatziki $0.75