What to Look for in a Greek Mediterranean Restaurant

Posted by Aybla Grill Greek Mediterranean Food on Monday, September 17, 2018

Aybla Grill_What to Look for in a Greek Mediterranean Restaurant

There are almost two dozen Greek Mediterranean restaurants to choose from in Portland. How do you decide which one is going to offer the best experience and the best food? Here are some of the clues that food critics use to determine if a Greek Mediterranean restaurant is going to satisfy that Greek Mediterranean craving you have had all week.


As soon as you enter a Greek Mediterranean restaurant you should be introduced to appetizing scents that are unique to the Greek Mediterranean culture. Spices like garlic, oregano, and ground cumin will fill the air with a touch of citrus from lemon juice. Greek Mediterranean food is one of the most distinct aromatic cuisines out there.


Check out the appetizer list, you should see multiple options—more than you are used to at other restaurants. Greek Mediterranean diners love to snack before, during, and after a meal. An authentic Greek Mediterranean restaurant will have a menu that makes that possible. Aybla Grill has a Greek Mediterranean menu that offers over seven appetizers with eight additional sides so you can nibble a variety of items during your main course.


Fresh is key to every dish. Every component of the dish should be made with fresh ingredients. Aybla Grill goes one step further and sources its fresh ingredients locally. Fresh and local is what sets our menu apart from other Greek Mediterranean restaurants.


Your experience at a restaurant starts and ends with the staff. It doesn’t matter how great your food is or how great the location is, if your restaurant’s staff are not friendly and competent, customers are not likely to come back. Aybla’s success comes not only from our award-winning menu but also due to our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Friendly staff is happy staff and it shows.

Aybla Grill has recently opened a new Greek Mediterranean restaurant in Portland. Not only do we offer some of the best Greek food in Portland, but we are also one of the few halal restaurants in the city. Please check out our food carts and call 971-328-2041 for catering.


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